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Implementing a Strategic Delivery Center of Excellence

November 17, 2020

The mandate to deliver customer value and illustrate customer centricity is endemic to organizational growth. What has fundamentally challenged creating unique, value added customer experiences and delivery excellence, is that strategic delivery is not a fixture of service offerings.  This gap both exposes an opportunity area and establishes a more pervasive mandate for the consulting services industry.  To solve for this, the consulting services industry must craft offerings that adequately reflect the ubiquitous challenges that are now a fixture of our global economy.  

Appropriately solving for this mandate requires offering unique and unparalleled strategic delivery excellence. Leaders are facing vastly changing landscapes and are arriving at critical inflection points that precipitate questions pertaining to developing an actionable go-forward strategy.  Leaders are grappling with the fundamental questions: How do organizations adjust strategic roadmaps and organizational imperatives to solve for this “new normal”?  How does this “new normal” affect an organization’s ability to appropriately service their internal and external customers, while delivering their established value proposition(s) to both customers and investors?

Crafting a bold and audacious action-oriented strategy that is both reflective of the challenging landscape and the inevitable unknowns, are the first steps to building an effective and proactive brand equity strategy.  The core components of an organization’s brand equity are reflective of a consumer’s perception of and experiences with the brand. Developing and maintaining brand equity are industry imperatives and critical success factors.  Although no veritable roadmap exists that guarantees lasting brand equity, an organization that prioritizes the continuous improvement and delivery of its core competencies; leveraging the tenants of strategic delivery excellence, is well positioned to achieve this coveted desired state.

Fundamentally, a delivery center of excellence is a key component and outgrowth of integrating strategic delivery as a critical element of a business or technology implementation engagement.  Typically, a delivery center of excellence is a team comprised of select individuals with disparate functional and operational expertise; who’s experiential diversity enables disruptive ideas and approaches to an organization’s ability to thrive and maintain a competitive advantage.  Additionally, this group is tasked with evaluating new technologies, frameworks or practices to address organizational imperatives. Further, their cross functional mandate requires thought leadership, standardizing best practices, defining governance apparatuses and process flows to drive critical decisions creating on-going knowledge transfer and skills development.

One of the key differentiators that the “Mergence Global Way” (MG Way)  offers is the integration of strategic delivery excellence throughout the client engagement; enhancing customer experience and enabling clients to prioritize and perfect their core competencies. Strategic Delivery Excellence includes the components of a delivery center of excellence (listed above) and assumes that irrespective of the type of engagement, there are core delivery principles and value levers critical to the success, maintenance and growth of an organization’s brand equity.

The Mergence Global Way goes beyond creating and standing up a center of excellence. A delivery center of execellence requires maintaining the on-going requirements and the operational responsibilities of an implementation. Mergence incorporates those components and ensures that the value levers of the strategic delivery framework are incorporated; driving organizational transformation and optimizing customer experience. Additionally, the MG Way enables organizations to prioritize their strategic, operational and tactical efforts supporting and enabling the delivery of their core competency; providing maximum value to customers.  What is central to their ability to facilitate this process is the development of strategic alliances with partners whose core competency and expertise is strategic delivery excellence.  The collective intelligence that Mergence Global offers, enables clients to perfect what they are best at delivering to the marketplace, developing operational efficiencies, creating new markets and being disruptive within their industries.