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Mergence Global Expands to Mexico

November 17, 2020

Dominating in Mexico, Mergence decides to amalgamate with a dynamic powerhouse of IT solutions in Mexico. Leveraging over 25 years of delivering IT services in the software industry, this is on the forefront of value for Mergence. Operating with powerful implementation services, Mergence is also leading globally in the digital technology industry.

Agreeing on this union brings the power to offer more technology and products to our clients. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, you can provide quality digital IT solutions. With Microsoft Gold certifications in Application Development and Enterprise Resource Planning, you now have high value implementation services. Holding Silver certifications in Data Analytics and Cloud Platform, Mergence has advantages in data science and cloud-based software.

With taking over Mexico, we have increased our market share. Our partner grossed over $35 million in sales with an 18% year-over-year growth rate, which results in increased revenue for Mergence. From the focal point of diversification, there are tons of attributions to the diversification of Mergence Global. We have added over 650 IT employees. We have large regional IT solutions leverage in Mexico.

Here are a few of the Mexican cities Mergence has regional dominance:

Not only is there dominance in cities, but we are diversified in industries:

Focusing more on the relational aspect of this union, we have digital access to household brands like Whirlpool, or food and beverage brands like Heineken. Some of our other relationships include:

With synergy of processes and services, you have increased capabilities, including Azure certified architects and digital transformation consultants. You can provide services like application migrations, legacy migrations, monitoring, cloud set-up and hosting, and support. Operating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 increases our customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Mergence has the technology to improve profitability and streamline communications and technology processes for any business. With AI- driven insights, you have access to greater data driven results, and with Microsoft Dynamics, you can have a complete view of your business. This includes real-time data of sales, marketing, and services. When consulting, you can provide rollouts, migrations, integrations and more.

Focusing more on the value of application development, this partnership bought about turn-key web and mobile apps. Digital storytelling, UI/UX development and testing, are a few of many developments Mergence now has to offer. This partnership provides complete yet, simple IT and BPO sourcing solutions.

A larger aspect in this dominance is data science. With cutting-edge technology, we have an enormous value in data analytics. While industries are working towards Data-driven Decision Making (or DDDM), we are modeling it globally, in Mexico.  We are on the forefront with prescriptive analytics. Having access to actionable insights, we steer away from data monitoring.

You have access to high level business intelligence; with the combination of artificial intelligence (AI), we can predict the outcomes and plan success courses of actions for our clients.

There is a 5-step approach to our data science process from problem to solution

  1. Business and Problem Analysis
  2. Raw Data Transformation
  3. Modeling and Simulations
  4. Evaluation of the Model
  5. Solution

With this, you can better forecast and predict the outcomes for our clients. Using predictive analytics with advanced forecasting, you can generate future insights with precision. You can study trends and future behaviors for our clients. You can sift through current and historical data to detect trends and conditions that should occur. From this data, you can detect and mitigate risks. From models and simulations, you can discover relationships with behavior factors, and predict opportunities.

Dominating in Mexico is a power move for Mergence Global. It is a large imprint on our global relationships. Imperative to data migration and digital technology, taking over Mexico, allows us to leverage more resources and advanced technological abilities.